Litigation Management

At SCS, success is achieved by implementing a plan based on professional expertise, a reliable IT platform, and knowledge of the latest developments and trends. In addition to our focus on claims processing and resolution, we act as the liaison between clients, insurance carriers, defense lawyers, and plaintiff counsel in asbestos, long term exposure, silica, and other toxic tort matters. In addition to claims processing operations, SCS functions include:

  • Accepting process of service
  • Claim intake
  • Development of claim forms and procedures for specific accounts
  • Notice to counsel and insurers
  • Retention of counsel
  • Review and payment of defense invoices
  • Development and implementation of litigation strategies
  • Claim negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and ADR proceedings
  • Establishment of settlement procedures
  • Claim review and evaluation
  • Settlement funding processing and payment
  • Claim and expense allocation and tracking
  • Insurance erosion tracking
  • Record retention and reporting services
  • Generation of specialized reporting and analysis for accounts
  • Insurer billing

At the start of the claim handling process, SCS can accept process of service on behalf of our clients.  This streamlines the process and provides a considerable savings.  In the final stages of claims processing, SCS can generate settlement draft requests from insurers or clients, and issue settlement payments to plaintiff and fee distributions to defense counsel.