Effective claims management requires claim specialists who know your business and risk profile, assess liability, negotiate successful outcomes, and provide access to expert defense counsel should a claim go to court. Special Claims Services, Inc. offers expertise and service backed by thirty-five years of experience, skilled claims analysts, and reliable technology.

At SCS, our data management systems and personal service provide flexibility to handle unique client needs. We accept service of complaints for clients that desire to streamline claim processing and save handling and assignment costs. We have quick access to plaintiff and payment information. Readily available system reports are tailored to client needs. Our analysts review each claim to determine whether product history, exposure, and medical documentation meet settlement criteria. Over 80% of claims are dismissed without indemnity payment. We maintain a defense network across the country. SCS acts as a central resource for information, and provides direction and coordination to defense counsel. Our analysts work directly with plaintiff attorneys when advisable to promote rapid and fair claim resolution.

SCS manages a high volume of claims while reducing defense and indemnity costs for its clients. To date, we have processed over 500,000 environmental toxic tort bodily injury claims. We minimize legal costs with aggressive management and early case dismissals. SCS employs alternative claims resolutions when needed and holds defense counsel to strict quality and fee guidelines.